Rumic Celebration

A global fan project dedicated to the works of Rumiko Takahashi.Shop Now Open


The works of Rumiko Takahashi have touched the hearts of people across the world. This project is dedicated to her and the magical works that have brought us so much joy.With our team of mods and contributors, we will put together a Thank you book filled with illustration, stories, letters, and cosplay encompassing all of Rumiko Takahashi's different works from fans across the globe. This book will be sent to Rumiko Takahashi as a thank you from fans.Copies of the book will be available for sale after Rumiko Takahashi has received her book. All proceeds will be donated to CARE.



  • February 1, 2022 - Interest Check Starts

  • February 27, 2022 - Interest Check Ends

  • February 28, 2022 - Contributor Apps Open

  • July 3rd 2022- End of Contributor Applications

  • July 18th 2022- Email Outreach

  • July 31st 2022 - Deadline to join Discord or sign up for email updates

  • September 4th 2022- Concept Check-in Deadline

  • November 13th 2022 - Check-In 1 Deadline

  • January 15th 2022 - Check-In 2 Deadline

  • March 12th 2023 - Check-In 3 Deadline

  • April 30th 2023 - Check-In Extension Deadline

  • June 4th 2023 - New Final Submission Deadline

  • July 2023 - Final Copy Goes to Shipper

  • July 2023 - Get Book to Rumiko

  • August-September 2023 - Preorders open for book

  • October 1st 2023 - Preorders end

  • October-November 2023 - Production

  • November-December 2023 - Mail Out

  • December 2023 - Contributors can release their contribution publicly

Note: These dates are flexible and can be subject to change. Thank you for your understanding.


Head Mod & Finance Mod: Yoka
Co-Head Mod Nana
Artist Mods: Rao and Emi
Writer Mods: Avra and Sam
Cosplay Mod Yoka
Latam Mods: Carla and Mebuki
Euro Mods: Flaminia
Asia Mods: Eden
Assistant Finance Mod: Sam
Social Media and Website Mod: Nana
Shipping Mod: Nana
Assistant Organization Mods: Em and Avra


GENERAL QUESTIONS:"What kind of content are you looking for?"We are looking for art illustrations, comics, cosplay photos, written fiction, and letters from fans.---------------------------------------
"Is this a for-profit or charity project?"
This is a charity project where all proceeds will go to a charity to be determined. All proceeds will go to CARE.---------------------------------------
"How will Contributors be compensated?”
Contributors are promised a PDF copy of the book and if sales go well, a physical softcover copy of the book for free, shipped. If we are unable to meet the goal of providing a free physical softcover, the book will be made available at production cost to contributors. All additional revenue will be donated to CARE"
Do I have to pay to participate?
You do not need to pay to participate. Participation is completely free.
"What rating will the project be?”
Somewhere between PG and PG-13. What can be shown in typical Shonen Manga is permitted like cartoon violence and some blood. We ask that you keep nudity, sexual and sensual content to a minimum.
“Will everyone be accepted?”
Everyone will be accepted. This project is about showing that fans are from all over the world with all sorts of styles and skill levels.
“Can we contribute anonymously?”
Yes! You may contribute anonymously. We ask that during the course of the project that you still use a credit name while interacting with moderators, but your piece will be credited as Anonymous.
"Are mods permitted to contribute?"
As long as they fall within the guidelines, mods are permitted to contribute to this project.---------------------------------------
"What languages will the project be in?"
While English is the most common language among the mods, we will be accepting content from a multitude of languages. We will be advertising in the following languages: [list languages here].PROJECT QUESTIONS:"Do you currently have Rumiko Takahashi's address?”No, we do not. We are hoping to get an address to her agent or through Shogakukan's fan mail to get it to her. If that isn't a viable option, we would go through Viz Media to get it to her.
“Will you be inviting guests?”
Yes! We will be inviting guests for Art, Writing, and Cosplay. We ask that during the Interest Check for people to include names of Contributors they would like to see in this project.
"Can we use an already existing illustration or cosplay photo for our submission?"
We ask that content creators make new illustrations and photos for this book. Cosplayers may use a costume that is already made, but have their photo be one that is new or unpublished. The book will be sold publicly and we want customers to have new content to enjoy.
“Where are you shipping from?”*
We're shipping from within the United States.
“Will you ship outside of the United States?”
Yes, we will ship internationally including the EU and UK.
“Will the book be made available for purchase?”
While a hardcover version will be sent to Rumiko Takahashi, a softcover version will be made available for purchase.FANDOM QUESTIONS:What series of Rumiko Takahashi's are we allowed to provide content from?You can provide content from any series that she has worked on. You can find a list of her works at AnimeNewsNetwork or MyAnimeList
"Do you consider Yashahime to be Canon?”
At this time, we do consider Yashahime to be Canon since Rumiko Takahashi did draw character designs as well supervises the script. We ask that you respect the continuity that Yashahime brings to InuYasha.
"Are non-canon ships, non-canon content, or alternative universes permitted?"
No, we want to show that we respect the content that Rumiko Takahashi has created. So please keep content depicted as Canon as possible and respect Canon relationships. The closest to an alternative universe you can depict are Crossovers between Rumiko Takahashi's works. Such as having Ranma and InuYasha meeting or doing a clothing swap between MAO and Urusei Yatsura characters.

Content Guidelines

General Guidelines

  • Remember that this project is meant to be positive and to show Rumiko Takahashi our support for her works. So please keep your content and messages positive.

  • Doodles and candid snapshots are permitted for letters, however, we ask that art pieces be completed illustrations and not doodles or half-finished sketches.

  • No AUs (Keep representation of characters as accurate as possible)

  • Crossovers between Rumiko Takahashi Works is permitted

  • No NSFW, keep content to PG-13 or lower (No sexual situations, Tasteful Nudity)

  • Tasteful Nudity (No nibs or bits, keep all private areas covered)

  • No hateful, problematic, or questionable content will be permitted. Meaning no questioning her choices, giving critiques of her storytelling, name-calling, character hate, etc.

Artist Guidelines

  • No NSFW, keep content to PG-13 or lower (No sexual situations, Tasteful Nudity)

  • Tasteful Nudity (No nips or bits, keep all private areas covered)

  • If you are writing a comic please write in your native language

  • No tracing of official works or other creator's work

  • You may redraw a scene/cover/illustration in your style, but don't draw on top of the illustration or overly reference it

Writer Guidelines

  • No NSFW, (No Sexual situations)

  • Mild Violence permitted (Minimal blood)

  • Please write in your preferred language

Letter Guidelines

  • Only divulge what you are comfortable with (These will be read by Rumiko and others)

  • You may include 2 snapshots of your collection or something you made

  • Please write in your native language

  • Please do not put any photos of yourself in your letter as this could be a safety concern (If you would like to attach a photo of yourself please make sure that you are in some form of Cosplay from Rumiko’s work)

Cosplay Guidelines

  • No NSFW

  • Due to concerns over laws on explicit or potentially explicit material, we ask that cosplayers keep their depictions as family-friendly as possible

  • Minimal Blood

  • Crossovers are permitted

Content Requirements

Book will be an A4 size.
Measurements for finished pieces will be as follows
Imperial: 8.3in by 11.7in
Metric: 210mm by 297 mm
Pixels: 2480px by 3508px
Requirements and specifications for contributor pieces for the zine will be published on the project's Discord.Artists and cosplayers may contribute up to 2 pieces, either as a 2-page spread or 2 individual A4 pages.Letters from Contributors may be an A4 size front and back. Letters can be handwritten or typed up. They may include doodles and snapshots of your collection, cosplay, craft, etc. The snapshots and doodles must fit within the 2-page limit.Fics can have a max. of 3,500 words.